Providing friendship, aide, hope and resources for those with Fahr's Disease.

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Together we are stronger than rare


This is Where We Are in the World of Rare.


 "I'd never heard of Fahr's Disease. Then I met a family who lives with it. Only they aren't really just living with Fahr's... they are working hard to know their enemy, and fight to win their survival. I grew to love them, and I'm blessed to be able to help this foundation make a better life for my friends -- and every other family who knows way more about Fahr's than they should have to."

- Kenny Grindall, Colorado

 "I have been so touched by the debilitating nature of Fahr’s Disease and the struggles that people have once they are diagnosed. I am determined that people with Fahr’s disease have the most information as we can possibly get them. Not only that, but that they do not feel alone or without hope. That is what motivates me to volunteer my time to getting this organization off the ground, spreading the word about Fahr’s disease and connecting people with each other and the latest information out there."

- Jamie Lang, Loveland, Colorado