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Did you know: As we age, our brains naturally develop areas of calcification. That’s a hardening process, normal for our bones but destructive when it happens to soft tissues. Calcification of brain tissue is a primary cause of our slowing of movement and trouble with memory. Most people begin to see this in their 70s, although some experience onset somewhat earlier.

Fahr’s Disease is a rare disorder that attacks the human brain. Fahr’s patients typically suffer calcifications which begin “far too soon” and progress “far too quickly”. It can even happen to children. In fact, Fahr’s Disease is extremely rare — one of the ten rarest diseases in the world! For this reason, one of our greatest challenges is to build the support it takes to make progress toward that cure. The Fahr Too Strong Foundation (F2S) is committed to fuel our progress.

We promote awareness, fund research, and connect families who suffer with Fahr’s Disease.We create most of our momentum through community and corporate fundraising events. This is a fully-functioning corporation, dedicated and determined to grow this community — and accelerate this momentum — for as long as it takes to see a cure bring new hope to every patient and their loved ones.

Thank you for visiting our website. You help spread our word, and expand our possibilities, when you join this community and share it with your own circle of influence. Our message is already being heard world-wide, thanks to an encouraging show of support on social media. As we work and engage together to rally the world around us to help, we will inspire those who need us. We will help them become…

"Fahr Too Strong" to give up.

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