Providing friendship, aide, hope and resources for those with Fahr's Disease.

Nick Leypoldt

Fahr Too Strong Co-founder and Foundation President

I am a small business owner. I started my own HVAC business about a year ago. I have worked as a HVAC service tech for the past 9 years. I hold a Master’s contractor’s license and several NATE certifications. Prior to HVAC, I served in the USMC as a combat engineer.
The Fahr Too Strong Foundation venture started shortly after my three sons were diagnosed with Fahr’s Disease in August of 2011. It was frustrating searching the web and finding little to no information about Fahr’s Disease out there. We felt alone and scared. We didn’t want what was happening to us to happen to others. We wanted to put our energy into creating awareness and promoting funding so others would not feel as we did. My mission is to help those suffering from Fahr’s Disease, giving them a voice, and helping them get the needed care and treatment they deserve.