Providing friendship, aide, hope and resources for those with Fahr's Disease.

Suzanne Leypoldt

Fahr Too Strong Foundation Co-founder and Secretary

I am a licensed mental health counselor with a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling. I specialized in play therapy working with children. I spent the last years of my career as a PBiS coach for early childhood and public education facilities helping them adopt positive behavioral support structures in the classroom to add in managing problem behaviors. Creating a foundation dedicated to creating awareness of Fahr’s Disease became an immediate dream of mine shortly after my three sons were diagnosed in 2011. It was the love and support another Fahr’s sufferer gave to us that inspired this venture. No longer do I want Fahr’s Disease to go unnoticed. No longer do I want to see Fahr’s patients be alone and afraid. No longer do I want researchers and doctors to struggle to find information. It is my goal to unify and consolidate information out there into one place where everyone can have access. I hope for a future where Fahr’s Disease is curable.